Insulating glass line for thermoplastic spacers (TPA)

This line sets new standards in the processing of thermoplastic spacers

This line is the result of consistent further development based on quality and flexibility. On the one hand, it combines gas-tightness of the units with simultaneous adherence to minimum manufacturing tolerances and is therefore suitable for the constantly increasing requirements placed on insulating glass manufacturers. On the other hand, a wide range of unit thicknesses can be achieved as well as reduced set-up times. This leads to optimised production, because a number of production steps (e.g. frame production, logistics and frame storage, etc.) are superfluous.

Insulating Glass Line for Thermoplastic Spacers (TPA)

VHW-F (Washing)

TPA (Thermoplastic Spacer)

AGP (Pressing)

VFL (Sealing)


Success Story


  • High process reliability due to unique endless closure
  • Gas-tight units with minimum manufacturing tolerances
  • Different unit thicknesses without manual intervention
  • High end product flexibility due to fixed and thermoplastic spacers
  • Own pre-washing zone
  • High corner quality through CleanSeal technology
  • Expandable through modular construction