Automatic butyl extruder for fixed spacers

The butyl extruder combines the latest metering technology with decades of LiSEC expertise in the automatic butylation of fixed spacer frames. The extruder is subdivided into inlet, coating and outlet zones for processing spacer frames up to a max. size of 2500 x 2500 mm. The butyl is applied in a CNC-controlled, high-precision, dynamic metering process. This ensures that the desired g/m quantity of butyl is applied to each section of the spacer frame with an application accuracy of ± 5% without interruption to the application of the butyl.

Automatic Butyl Extruder for Non-Flexible Spacers



  • Precise and uninterrupted application of the butyl
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Adaptive control
  • No shut down for material filling required and easy accessibility
  • Processing frames with Georgian bars is also possible